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the average proportion of former years, and indicating that the
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At Booiisljoro' I found tliat nearly all the wounded who were first
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ness of the throat, and a feeling of lassitude. At 2, P.M , was sud-
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The case just cited was longer in its duration than any previously
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females considerably exceed thcjse of the males, and that during the
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classes. These are analogous to the constituent parts of the
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Case XXIII. — H. J. R., private, aged 19 years, admitted Wednes-
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ElTects allied in nature to tliis action have also been traced to to-
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Dr. J. thonght that encysted disease of the kidneys was oftener
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asked — why is Insrmith iisimlly c:ivcn with soda, and liovr can it bo
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dinary cases of necrosis. The circumstance of the dislocation of the
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Misce et fiat pilula 1.; dispense pilulas tales numero xxx.
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nut." The prospects in this case are rather doubtful, though the
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must result ; and the yellow fever actually broke out where disease
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bear arms is but an eighth of the population. The nature of the profession exercises
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of the fluid extract to horses, and this preparation or the
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fracture uneven ; internally white, with numerous red,
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Prlmunj Ihcmonhage after Amputation is a very common occur-
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tenderness in the ri^dit iliac region and in the whole abdomen, lower-
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rific influence of opium, but the former drug has little effect
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sions, and all insufficient to give the sleepers the quantity of fresh air
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a large number of soldiers who had suffered primary or secondary
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they arc more or less permeable to crystalloids, they are wholly imper-
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ijrought out, for the third and last time, through the same ])uncture,
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those tribes where the helots are rigorously excluded from the prac-
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the skull above and the velum palati below, by the vertebral column
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constantly gained in strength and flesh ; and now, supposing herself
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and excoriated surfaces, and erythema, are successfully
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soft and pasty, and offensive flatus containing sulphuretted
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by a cartilaginous septum. Each cavity is partially divided by three
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live from fifteen minutes to half an hour after receiving the

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