has fairly begun, on the second day. He prescribes either 20 drops of

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following abortion, and ending in abscess. The rapid onset of

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by piercing the cell obliquely instead of from directly below.

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ammonias into the external jugular vein in this ease hastened, if it

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The following is a prescription that may be used daily with impunity:

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no human marrow was obtained. Similar necessity for further

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being raised up for this purpose, he fell on the floor and injured his

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List of Extra Carbohydrates Permitted. — Certain foods containing

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of the blood. Again, fruit and vegetables tend to the production of

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increased mechanical work required by the contraction of the pul-

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frequently — present; wliile in the latter form of the disease, it

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food for individuals with gastro-intestinal affections. In virtue of its

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was no external indication of disease. On examining the patient's eyes with

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at the Sewage Experiment Station of the Massachusetts Institute

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described them, and remembers that there was apparently no history

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But to find the relation between urea and uric acid it is suflScient

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had the mortification of finding his old benefactor and friend. Sir

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flatulency and may lead to dilatation, especially if too much of the gas

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tion of nitrogen and sodium chloride in nephritis. Temperature of 94°.

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Sig. — 1 tablespoonful every hour at first, then every 2 hours.

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incision 2 mm. long is first made through the skin with a very sharp

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or through them one may treat the dissecting parts with stains,

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repeatedly confirmed, and efforts made to determine the degree of specificity. While

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digestibility of a food does not always correspond wholly to the time it

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The test devised by Trommsdorfif has been the most popular in European countries but

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these diseases which have occurred to my medical correspondents or

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