ration appear early. The pulmonary abscesses are usually latent, but

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applications. Winternitz * reports that cold always concentrates the

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there is not a single symptom which the body can give rise to that

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the market, both plain and carbonated, some of them very

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cations equal parts of vinegar or spirits should be added. The efficacy

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of the Canadian Association, in xVpril, 1914, asking me to explain

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from the knee to the ankle stuffed with a puffy mass replacing

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Objection VIII. Difficulty of executing the Brand method in pri-

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The rationale of whatever procedure is used should be clearly before

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book of my student days* says : " In treating pernicious fever, some

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factor might play a part? There are three at least. One of them is

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no longer accepted as illustrating the danger of suppressing the excre-

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and these must sometimes be of thin skin. Such tlaps are often

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tures of tubercle bacilli and streptococci, tubercle bacilli and

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uterine colics; in contraction of the ureters and nephritic colic; and in

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skilful knowledge of human nature. A new doctor comes to

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type of influenza, it is by no means limited to this class of cases. In

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established, but it would be well worth while to carry out at a few of

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was unapproachable in this method. He could do a robust

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conception of its being a cold-water treatment be removed from the

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vessels, strengthens cardiac contraction, narrows the vessels, and

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on Diabetes Mellitus up to this present time, and what I am

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to be nourished and protected. Tubercle is an organic sub-

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in the uninvolved portion of the lung. Where the accumulation

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its action on the economy, including such processes as meta-

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In the preceding chapter reference has frequently been made to the

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three days, or even longer, and is longer in the milder forms of the dis-

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the disease to distinguish it from many of the other affections of children,

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Pleuro-typJioid. — The cases begin as an acute pleurisy, having its

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of California, and died some years ago. Thomas Bennett

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own season, from October to Christmas. There are many in

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advertisements in [iu|iular jnurnals issued from your presses. To

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respiration, the lesions advance downward, so that on physical examina-

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I have availed myself of this illustration of the subject, because

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charc^e coming from the nostrils, accompanied with difficulty in opening

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rectly from the living parasite or from its poisonous secretion,

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Muscarin is a colorless alkaloid, which forms salts with acids.

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ing as the remnant of cases of usual severity after active treatment.

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features are diarrhea, colicky pains, and the presence in the stools of

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involvement of the eye — viz. conjunctivitis, keratitis, choroiditis, and

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tion, thoroughly revised. Octavo of 32(5 pages, illustrated.

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