in case of fracture of the upper one-third of the femur, re-

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(hepatic) signs aro negative in pyjvmia, while a daily diminishing area of

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during the relapse. In our epidemics the most frequent complication is

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times perceptible only when one hand is j^ressed over the sternum and the

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the sac. This form of hernia is rarely ever congenital. It is much more

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pus is produced. In such cases, the cavity may ultimately close up and

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malignant disease. Where the diagnosis can be made, the cyst may be

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covered with a cold perspiration. The pulse is small and the hands and


over the seat of the oedema ; usually the dulness is equally diffused over

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ribs posteriorly, must be looked to" (Hazzard). It occurs in young

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conveyed toward the left axillary and scapular regions, while the maximum

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in 1795 began in August and terminated in October. When the prevailing

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The SILICON ii olw aold in Powder, for Plate Cleaning, at 6d.

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catarrhal sputa indicate a lobular pneumonia; and when this occurs, fatty,

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often be traced to a syphilitic taint, and to puerperal sepsis in the mother.

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rhages, causing petechia? and extensive ecchymosis. The redness of the

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of the humerus are characteristic of syphilis. In syphilis the bubo con-

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the skin, while the action of the muscles pulls the

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the disease is caused by the deposit of the urates of sodium

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sheaths and the thickened pleura will all be involyed in an indurative

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rare cases convulsions occur, rapidly passing into coma and followed by

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This fever is usually insidious in its approach, and comes on with a cer-

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This disease, also called aade yellow atrophy and malignant jaundice,

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are always present, viz. : albuminuria and dropsy. If its advent is marked

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The earlier papule in each spot usually occupies the place of a hair-follicle ;

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and finally the patient passes into a comatose state and dies.

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the general circulation. The heart itself, if weak, will require stimula-

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