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But as he believes apex pneumonias are especially rare in children,

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the urine when he gave the equivalent of 6,000 calories in one day, i.e. 0-8 to

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amount of the alcoholic solution of zinc acetate was then added

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According to Svartz and Hanson, who record a fatal case in a woman,

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cholesterine, but this increase has no bearing on the type of tumour and is

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peritoneal cavity of guinea-pigs was found to be an excellent medium for

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cases in which all history or signs of previous infection were absent with

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ture to the ellipsoid of the uterus ; the limbs are in neither a strained nor

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Minot, G. R., and Denny, G. P. Prothrombin and antithrombin factors in

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attributes the difference in the two death-rates not to a greater virulence of

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irregularities of the peristaltic waves. It is only when the lesion

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after being subject to attacks of 'paroxysmal tachycardia for several years.

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v. Vascular lesions of the striatum. Symptoms of ' hemi-choreo-

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Physical examination showed that the patient was still well-developed

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had no occasion to take any of the Tinct. Canth. for a long

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of neurasthenia, psychasthenia, or chronic nervous indigestion is

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and a closure of the common bile duct. At the time of this experi-

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Biffi's method in two other cases of pneumonia and one of pernicious

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bile duct. This makes the total amounts given inaccurate, but

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the following features of interest : (1) It shows that pure congenital mitral

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double sugar tube during the growth of B. typhosus is due not to direct

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thyroid lobes and the four parathyroid glandules have been removed

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In all cases of congenital splanchnoptosis every effort should be

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continued until twenty-two minutes after the injection, when all

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most of the patients were physically favourable subjects. In only 1 (or 8 per

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bile duct cannot be explained as due to the excretion of bilirubin

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to expect it. This dose appeared to have the effect of delay-

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to exclude, in a definite way, that they may, at least in part, migrate from

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in their dilution value that it was obvious that we were not dealing

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through the wounded vessels of the chest wall. The patient became

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