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so as to constitute a layer only about one-tenth of an inch in thickness.

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more intense when these are employed than when soft ones are intro-

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carbolic acid, in external dressings. Ranke concludes, from the treat-

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appeared the slightest amaurotic symptom. Can I afford a stronger proof that


assisting stands beliind the chair of the nurse and grasps the cliild 's




kidney, the greater by so much as the kidney is older; but it must be said,


A work on gynecology, new from cover to cover, should contain



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2. The transiency and fragility of leaves as comparable to man's life is also

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ual case reports of poisoning were not described. 1 - 3

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both ulna) exfoliation has taken place. Both tibiaj

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membrane. Calcification of the permanent teeth commences a

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patient came of a markedly consumptive family, had a

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notice that it was gradually enlarging. He consulted a physician, who

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in an agate mortar and suspended in 0.5% phenolated salt solution in the pro-

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put into the water in the bath an organism which is not met with in the

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non-tubercular meningitis and cerebral hapmorrhage, which latter is,


Biliary Apparatus — Liver. — The intestinal lesions of typhoid fever may


the owners of all dogs allowed in streets or parks may be



physician, cancer of the lungs and stomach, and by a compe-

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say somewhat of certain conditions of the blood to which


yo'icc, concurred in these sentiments, for the palpable jealousy and jarring in-

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sion of the abdomen, and fluctuation was again perceptible over a considerable


regular standing, has been duly appointed a member of the Board of

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nitric acid (but not beyond the dead surface as in hospital gangrene) speedily

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breaks into fragments which are retained in the hooks.

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shell of a gasteropod, by the successive addition of new and wider

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and pleuro-pneumonia have all been mentioned, but no

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shutting a door, every movement which a patient desires to make, the

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was held at the house of R. S. Humphrey, in Mount Holly, on Tuesday,


tomed to — beer, wine, or spirits. Flannels should be worn next

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was a temporary cessation of pain, but at the expiration of a fortnight, five

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that the patient had granular kidney. She shortly after died


of connective tissue, as in gummata, nodes, &c. The action

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identical. He based this opinion on the fact that chemical operations which

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Eut this is not tubercle/' — (Discussion on Tubercle, before the

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tion of small weights of organic matters must be received

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being used for roof. "When the sashes are adjusted in their

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" The Lord hath created medicines out of the earth, and

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tions. It forms the basis of delusions of persecution,

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