and quantitative urinary changes the presence or absence of oedema, cardio-

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of which I have just spoken, and the granular and waxy degenera-

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through the conjunctiva just in front of the muscle, a blunt hook is

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known. But the masked forms of latent gout and the allied diseases

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with water, should be given internally, and may be repeated at inter-

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may be added to half a glass of water. Dose : one teaspoonful every

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We have to do usually with spare individuals in whom an improve-

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scoop carelesslv into the ear, or the unskillful use of instruments in

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heart to beat faster in order to provide the necessary force. There

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exerting their influence upon the blood, as iron, others upon the nerv-

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4. If a careful analysis is made of the pains from which patients

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yellowish fluid; these cavities are sometimes lined with epitnelium-hke cells

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This is an efficient method of treating diarrbxBa, dysentery and

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growth or unhealthy tissue. They are the strong acids, especially

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adjective, as "suppurative," "pyelo, etc., is prefixed. Non-suppurative

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1S79 it was finally resolved that candidates for gradu-

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fatty foods and rich gravies are to be avoided. Starchy foods, like

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eye — fibrous envelope of the retina — that uratic concretions are occa-

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modify the action of medicines and these must be kept in mind.

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Mix. Dose : half a teas]30onf ul for a child a year old, increasing or

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existence cannot be established, and as soon as the link connecting

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tion of some of the soft tissues. In such cases the surgeon's skill is

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toward the heart. The blood has now become changed in color and

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rarest occurrence. They have for months together given to their

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the local signs due to the muscular lesion. When this lesion exists

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come transformed into severer ones. In case the quantity of nitro-

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sults as satisfactory as those got from more active measures.

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urethra, or pelvis of the kidney. The small, rounded, or polyeonal cells,

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arteries leads to starvation, degeneration, and rupture of the cardiac

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classical monograph on "Nodosity of the Joints," a jjurely clinical

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rather inclined to refer its origin to a deranged metabolism of the food pro-

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symptom is ear ache, a peculiarly severe pain . It is sometimes diffi-

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