acting as a sedative to the nerves. After a short continuance of inhala-

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promote the secretions, especially those of the skin, kidneys, and salirary

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which altogether overpower its characteristic effects on the

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they may again be resorted to, and will now not uufrequently succeed

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of restoring the slrenglh of ihe latter. (Cyc. of Pract. Med , Am. ed.» iv.

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dixirof viirioL i« • sinpllfici.t:on of Myndcrhffi acid elirir. It is pre-

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febrile diseases of the infant. It is of great service in aggra-

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congestion, or inflammation of the brain, nor in high febrile excitement

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a period of about thirty years, before 1850, when he was transferred to

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The dose of the powder is from ten to thirty grains. In this state it

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wool, silk, or cotton should be worn over it. Persons in whom thin

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of opium to be jriven at bedtime, and repeated, at intervals of an hour,

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the rule here referred to, the child should be more susceptible to the in-

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the vagina retained its integrity, as in those in which there was oloor*

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It was a favourite with the late Dr. Joseph Hartshome, of Philadelphia,

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given in the form of pill, made with conserve of roses, or with syrup and

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capillaries themselves may be emptied by direct and equable pressure

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parts of it, though not strictly universal in their direct influence. All

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4th ed., i. 321,) Many other physicians have borne a somewhat hesit»-J

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wears off in a few days ; or at any rate the eruption disap-

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The supposed agency of endosmose and exosmose has been carried

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Lead palsy may occur among the earlier phenomena, but is generally

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ia the form of bolus, each containing about six grains of the mixed medicine, and of

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galvanism has proved useful by promoting the absorption of pus and

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i cf <^u]di«m. Ii lias likio bc«& prea is amraon^Mu. Ti>^ d^^sie »

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solving sulphate of quinia in tincture of orange-peel. A fluidrachm of it

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from the bodies of the sick. In some periods of severe epi-

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signate watery solutions of volatile substances, obtained by distillation ;

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the spirit, we can, as in a vision, see the form divine,

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times preferred fur its flavour, or in coase(|uence of some peculiarity of

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taking. You can do nothing as a student in practice

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