after the complete failure of all other measures.- It is

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content to use a working method of classification and nomenclature

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lent sort, and of grand mal seizures. When the extra

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the first symptoms of disturbance being principally the

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the Surgery of Infancy, Urinary Surgery, Ophthalmology,

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Reporter, Pliila., 1886, 'liv, 385-388. . Separation or

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hour. She was then {juiet till about six in the morn-

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bowels. Soon after birth it had vomited what was un-

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successive application of leeches. I abandoned this and

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best seen over the pupil; and third, a very marked and uniform pannus,

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bands of connective tissue, remains of former inflammation ; twisting,

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constitutional peculiarities, demand corresponding variations

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cure of diseases, for fee or reward, unless he or they shall have

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"Untersuchungeniiberdie Aetiologie der sogen. chronisch-rhumatischenGelenkentziindungen,"

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vis of about eighty per cent. In females, about the

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out of local regimental funds. His services would only be required

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moving disease of every form, are, and must be as free

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either in any case of pericarditis with which I had to do. Bvit

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When a mole shows a tendency to enlarge or to become unnatural

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citement of the relatives or bj'standers as a preliminary

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c.c. of digipuratum. Arrows over A* indicate days on which the

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been described by Heschl, Micrzejewski, Kundrat, Wigles worth, Shuttle-

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deal of pus and fecal matter coming from the wound. The boy had

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Beatty, M.D. The latter officer also acts as secretary. In

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to be useful. The number of formula; has also been veiy greatly increased.

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discoloration of the skin. The attack of intermittent fever from which

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York, whose office was every day crowded with cases of throat disease, and

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before and after eating, and the difficulty dissipated, and,

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A number of cliniad types of the fever have l>eeii

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the medical staff in proportion to their hours of at-

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5 houses of refuge for the benefit of orphans, the aged, widows,

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"Untersuchungeniiberdie Aetiologie der sogen. chronisch-rhumatischenGelenkentziindungen,"

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more of the fat ingested than a thin one. If the body be poor in

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New Truths in Ophthalmology, as Developed by G. C. Savagk, M. D., Professor of

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ment of stricture. These views have met with decided approval on this

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circular, and with soft lips, is distinguished with some difficulty. An

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line should measure about one and a half inches ; it may be increased to

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Dr. Edibouls said that the issue in the case hinged upon the

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left inferior frontal convolution be involved, motor aphasia results. As the

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at least. In two instances, however, tonsillar membrane

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pally mechanical, more rarely toxic, influences on regional

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and hard, like that of chicken's gizzard ; the small intestines the same,

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