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acquire the power; " and after a short time such patients go on horse-

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will exhibit, a notable degree of degeneration unless the jjroduction of

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his favourite horse at the judge's stand: others lay themselves down very

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action on guinea-pig corpuscles is stronger than for other corpuscle-.

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quently, and at a comparatively late period, extends to the central gxey

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moving disease of every form, are, and must be as free

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rarely give the glycogen reaction which is common in tumor cells,

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very explicit in its statement as to what societies to

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streptococcus and the proteus vulgaris. Hartmann and

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others which are entirely destitute of merit, and are

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cheurs, the average duration of gestation in the human female is comprised

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emphysema is induced, and very fretjuently the visceral pleura is ruptured

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some hereditary influence as yet undiscovered, in consanguine marriages,

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Ciompared with rickets the diagnosis is easy, and if there is

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If a patient recover after he has been made a Chancery patient, it is

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but one would like to know how the indiscreet hunters, who dug the marmot

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through nasal inhalation < Veterinarian, Lond. (251), v. 21, 3. s. (11), v. 1,

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he believes to be a case of enteric fever caused by the

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McLane Hamilton,^^ from a series of investigations based upon ex-

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the vibrations of the voice being of too rapid a character to l>e

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tvpique partielle ou totale. Ibid., 18!).'), ix, 171-220 Also:

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tion of the sections, before proceeding to consider the pro*

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Cordis Affectione" (Henoch) ; " Exophthalmie Sereuse"

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and the miTScles are sufficiently strong to take their share in the reparat-

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tients, is most important in their treatment; and as he has also said, in regard

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of typhoid fever in one family. Maryland M. J., Bait.,

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more prostrate ; he totters in walking, his hands tremble when he attempts

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of the growth lias l)een cut away to the level of the

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when he finds it extremely difficult to provide anything new or satisfactory

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however, by rising from bed prematurely. Later treat-

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in the parts surrounding the nerves, during a pleuritis or the reabsorp-

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the country for their superior ability and their special

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made to minimize its influence, and its action is probably indirect rather

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Yenereal and Skin Diseases; one of the Physicians to Charity Hospital,

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increased. So it is with our own science. Shall we continue

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