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administered it to several diabetic patients with apparent satisfactory
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by the wayside that the traveler may enjoy the shade, long after
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which would only facilitate its extirpation at another time.
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whole body, becoming often so intense as to occasion corrugation of
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thyroid properties are due. It should be remembered that
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upon his feet, producing from the force of the momentum a compound
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T&voc tension. J Equality of tension,— especially
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' ''Die pncumatischc Behandlung," etc., pp. 53, 54.
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with a mercurial apparatus, and exposed to heat. No elastic
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riorly, in a situation corresponding to the mitral valve, and also exter-
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as to the frequency of the contagiousness. Unfortunately there are very
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pus been absent. The patient died in the same manner as many
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weight. Previous to September 1 the patient had been on thymus
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1; cancer, 3; cholera infantum, 4; consumption, 22; convulsions, 2; croup, 1; debility,
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acquaint our readers with its further pro- | No pus, but about a pint of blood, was lost.
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eaten raw, made from meat obtained in a neighboring town.
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which the lancet was so freely used ; and I yet reflect on the
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seau, speaking of this case, says: "Andree's case has
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to its attack. It seemed to be checked by mild weather, but reappeared
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symptoms of both disease and remedy depends his success at
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in fact, this may be the first symptom that brings the patient under
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the tea dust of the factories. Moreover, guinea pigs, in
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not palpable. After the middle of July the tongue was clean.
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and its correction as the efficient cure of disease. This
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deaths as these annual 2,500,000 doses of chloroform? — Medical Times
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Aix masseurs have inherited their knack and aptitude for genera-

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