are longer (88-94 mu) but have a thinner shell, which may or may

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lated, analyzed, nor classified with regard to treatment and its re-

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soft, but soon becomes smaller and dicrotic. In the later stages of the

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no characteristic anatomical changes were seen, and the post-mortem condi-

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(8) Place the tubes in a water bath at 37° C. for 10 minutes

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Growth occurs readily on ordinary nutrient media. The colony

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He at once decided to adopt the homoeopathic principle as his guide in practice,

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This medium is available in dehydrated form. It differs from

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eating places, and associations prior to the onset of symptoms.

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On Thursday, Feb. 8, the patient was etherized, and, with

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space, less than a tenth part of the present. As I have often

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It may be convenient to rehearse that of diseases other than pulmonary,

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third thirty-five years, and the fourth eleven years, making an

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able its often-noticed power of rendering patients more com-

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at least twice daily, or more often if the case is severe and the odour well

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1.3 to 1.5 times the volume of solution. In the flask place 10 1-inch

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are markedly poor in comparison with the results of preventive

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the specific gravity should be adjusted after 24 to 48

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tain only cysts of protozoa, whereas semiformed or liquid stools

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reproduced in disease unless there is locked up in the system

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an enteric patient, is the great resemblance which it bears to the B. coli

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being a homoeopath, and to consult with them safely when a

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defined and not elevated. Ordinarily the lesions are numerous,

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oped and nourished, but showed some loss of weight. There

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agent, keep the flask closed in order to prevent ab-

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CHARLES W. McCLURE, M. D., Associate in Medicine, Peter Bent Brigham Hospital,

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same manner. It also contains compounds which enable

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(2) Stock Giemsa's stain. Place 0.6 gm of Giemsa's stain

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constantly recurred in the past four years, but have been particu-

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ritation, it has been suggested to promote uterine contractions by

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the brim, effected by suitable manipulation of the foetal body

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into uterus. It soon began again, however, and the same treat-

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remedy in all cases, and this routine method of prescribing it

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scopically for tubercle bacilli. Specimens should be kept cold and,

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course of a few months following deHvery. The cases that

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