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Operative procedures are more often urged upon us than
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injections of the drug, Ogilvie 2 has suggested a method for the preparation of
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mental streptococcus arthritis follow in a general way the course
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0.03 per cent, sodium chloride 0.9 per cent, dextrose (Kahlbaum's
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pound or complex fractures, lacerated, crushed, and punctured wounds,
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than a memorandam of my own, bearing date of March 8, 1845,
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2. Evidence against a new species of parasite is: (a) they may be
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the rate of repair was proportional to the size of the wound.
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their perfection in this disease, and believes that they have contin*
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(16) pointed out, however, that in animals dying from an infection
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are involved early, even should muscular atrophy first attack the tongue,
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and occasional fever. No coughing or expectoration. Occasional pain in the
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fever. Besides, typhus fever has a characteristic eruption, is only propa-
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thirteen cases out of thirty-two, (41 per cent.) and no distinct inflam-
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From the preceding experiments the general impression is gained
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disorder. This observation has been made also by other workers (14).
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The chronic form is often a secpiel of the acute, and is very apt to accom-
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fore, that the impulses from the auricles are blocked. The degree
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BBB. Irregnlarty dilated lijmph-slieath containing granulo-
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Summary. — The usual differences between stimulation of the right and left
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munized and the control animals amounts in several cases, respec-
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and bronchi, collectively taken, amounted to one hundred and twen-
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of both lower extremities, and the occurrence of tremor on voluntary ex-
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history, not only of the prevailing type of malarial disease, which will in-
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undeveloped twin may be retained up to the full term of pregnancy,
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* At this point 50 cc. of culture were removed and centrifuged at high speed
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and human tissue cells to certain common antiseptics 683
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tal bones, near their superior portion. The average amount of
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and contains full ten fluid drams of a clear, light
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Our first investigations established the facts that the blood pressure

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