which may, however, under special conditions be split, and the toxic con-

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mal with tetanus virus. This limb remained flaccid when all the rest of

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only by the leucocytes, but also by connective tissue cells : the number

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(8) It is impossible by analysis of the inflammatory exudation to

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oculation has any specific character, for identical phenomena may follow if

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premature and unprofitable. [ Vide section on Bacteriology.]

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doubt the specificity of the cholera vibrio. The test of experience on

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has been provided for this purpose, which will be open to tJie students at all hours. 1 hey will have

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Probably as much could be said of an epidemic of measles. The

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therefore, be due to precipitation of the lime contained in the tissue, to

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Of like importance in nutrition are certain phosphorus-containing

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the puerperal state is naturally a normal one calling for little beyond

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operator is he who, knowing the pathology of the disease, appreciates the

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salt bath greater than is due to the actual elevation of temperature.

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trophy occur which are essentially abnormal, e.g. enlargement of the

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the seat of calcareous deposition ; likewise phleboliths of varicose veins

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lepsy and insanity — are associated Avith failure of nutrition and general

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night-gowns made long, and even to button below the feet, prevent chill

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uals and the bacilli scattered outside the human body. The former

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inherent defect of the cell elements adequately to nourish themselves. —

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were quickly restored to health. If given, he says, below /ive-graia

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traction or laceration. In children, and where the polypus is of small

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that he should ascend the operating table ; a remedy secure and cer-

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found to be fatty. The fattiness and general degeneration found in

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ment contained within the organism itself, black in colour, which does

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lengths have the greater effect. In sterilised distilled water few have

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pharmacological actions, of determining their exact influence, as well as

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reduced to system more than fifty years, would never have advanced so

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