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26th. Has had a hip-bath every night since last report, but the opiate was
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advance any other theory as to their nature (page 50). In his
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Bright's Disease, Renal Decapsulations in, vol. vi,
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formed. While in tumors above the cerebellum lumbar drain-
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the latter well, it had been closed. The temperature had not
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and muscles react well to faradism, 23 mm., and also
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Treatment, The treatment of the paralysis of the hypoglossal
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Effect of the Wax. — ^Mien isolated in a pure form, the alcohol, ether,
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In every code of laws framed with an eye to the general good, there
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Squibb, Edward R., 152 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, Kings Co.
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class. May I give my own experience in this connec-
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i. a:,ne bv- the-battihon gobbler. Bo„t. ^h.udd be sottened w,th neat ,-
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tion of the ureter, into the rectum nas demonstrated an
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number of individuals in whom tuberculosis has never been recognized
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Diagnosis.- — Direct.- — The physical signs elicited upon inspection,
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being disordered in fever. ! drop of any fluid, chloroform, ale, weak
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therefore improper ; round ligatures, which are fmall and fuf-
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count for his medical examiner service in investigating
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typhoid, and it remains to postulate that the bacilli had at that
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In plague pneumonia there is nothing characteristic about the
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tendency to ovoid, but nothing akin to the angularity,
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ni:iy Ik? ('ini)love<l in its stead. There is reason to believe tli:jt the m^ro
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The theory of glycerin, Cammidge points out in reply, was only
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opinion is against the admission of women in any considerable
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origin in some of those bold mechanical enterprises which characterize
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skin trouble was the cause of the anaemia, and that
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quickly taken up by the absorbents into the circulation ;
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was seldom that the tubercle bacilli were in the mother's blood,
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dereth it all wonderless that birds fell dead by darting but at mimic grapes !
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Nobody has ever made much improvement on the statement
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has been stated illustrates those points to which I was most anxious
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to make its results lasting, the therapeutic means at our disposal would receive
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other. In fact, in many instances it is an undoubted mark of
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Aside from book-keeping, accounting and commercial arith-
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travenously. If it is thought best not to use salvarsan, the

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