Case 32. This case came in for her pyosalpinx, the appendicitis
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The matter of assured death or ;i chance for life was
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His first reported case was that of a multipara who had fever on the third
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nosis was considered as almost certain, aud in many of which several
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til the shot have split up the floating faeces ; after
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that notwithstanding the obscurities that still exist,
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Secaiiii Row: KATHERINE ANDERSON. M.D., Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics; WARREN ANDREW, M.D.,
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and dorsal surfaces, and the skin over the region of the
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after stopping the amesthetic the temperature was 99°.
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a history of a vaginal discharge in the mother sev-
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the last twenty-six years. The tuberculous material in the Pathological In-
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even less understood than is its etiology. The relationship of osteopsathy-
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with normal motion, but slightly constrained. Circum-
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The removal of this very large and, in its upper circumference, closely
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sacrum, and sustaining a very painful injury. This was followed by no
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grows abundantly upon blood-serum at the body-temperature, the
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very strong, but very hoarse. Slight pain was experienced
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In the Medical JVews, January 16, 1897, the writer reported a symphys-
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tumor seemed to lie well beneath the mucous membrane,
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stimulus a point is reached where the extent of contraction is dimin-
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ings finally said "I had a momentary picture of the boy
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the pangs of maternity, to save life, and to bring health and happiness
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Suppurating Laryngeal Bursa. — An instance of this rare lesion was re-
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the nurses home and, too, this time brought wedding
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manganate solution a little stronger. The discharge
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It is this majority that demands our most urgent at-
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variously estimated at from 50 to 90 per cent. The disease, as it existed
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general adoption to be an event of the near future.
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Amoeburia. — The following cases are interesting in connection with the
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Med., 1896, Xo. 47) calls attention to the fact, often overlooked, although the
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digital examinatioa showed to be fast, but in a position lower down than
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of the appendix if the case is a favorable one for that procedure), the
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the country to its fourth year), no medicine was ordered, but a liberal

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