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The local school district must inform the parents at the

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raw-looking spots, which gave him great discomfort. The natural teeth

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die exhausted by haemorrhage. Some cases proceed to a typical end-

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all his former knowledge upon the subject, and mucli

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investigation, and is not a difiieult one to test. As regards human

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Biting the Nails. — Dr. Berillon, as the result of an extensive inquiry,

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stricting effect seemed to be a trifle more persistent than in animal A.

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discovery that a morbid irritability of the medulla spinalis,

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The diagnostic significance of all these signs, it will be observed, depends

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but merely recessive, being contributed also to the germ-plasm of the offspring

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Hospital, in his forty-fifth year. He was connected

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malaria, the exact origin and composition of which is still unknown, the

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Gauducheau has isolated from a case of dysentery a small amoeba

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inquire why the development of epidemiological philosophy has been so

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cessful lithotomists in Europe, is, naturally enough, strongly

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is always more vigorous than the opening, whichever pole is

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fever in glycogen-free animals. One of us long ago 2 proved that

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temperature normal ; death occurred on fourth day, apparently from heart failure.

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motion of the one membrane upon the other, and therefore no

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at present engrossing the attention of the medical pro-

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The two symptoms which were usually complained of by

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hours before my arrival had been taken down with the

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Deaths from mania, 4 ; consumption, 3 ; paralysis, apoplexy, dysentery, disease

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Werner, Louis, edited by. Swanzy's Handbook of the Diseases of the

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From various dissections, very carefully made, it is found that

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contraction in the production of displacement of viscera.

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arrived in three quarters of an hour, and found him perfectly conscious ; but

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the internal table was fractured also. The opening in the skull was

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treats, in the Fibst Part, of Systematic Medicine, Nosology, or

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the heads of ana;mic, hyperaua;mic, hemicrania, ueuro-

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within the reach of all a book giving most graphic illustrations of the principal

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face, or from the intestine toicards the blood. If, therefore, it eliminates or

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The disease is no doubt of microbic origin, but the specific organism Im :

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them, to seek powers to enforce their views, is too much

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