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tissue may be normal. When the consolidation is partial, there may be

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In severe remittents, in continued malarial fevers, and in pernicious


are then saturated with a salt of uric acid; and (3) in certain blood

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them a ftallion, becaufe they would foal in winter ;

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colic. This is shown by violent crying, by the flexing of the thighs on

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ing up of open sores, the destruction of soiled clothing, and such obvious

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from a wet-nurse. They decry the practice of weaning these babies

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in the stools suggests that an insufficiency of bile is being secreted, and

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the chances are four to one that she has nephritis, and should be care-

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beneath the endothelial layer, whenever the cells of the latter have suffered

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(a) The curious may likewife confult on this fubjeft, Les

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" of the pujfe. The fick animal loft its appetite for

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apex, but more commonly are situated about the middle or lower part of

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in practice. The actual irritant which appears for the most part to excite

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flexly by irritation of the tongue, which feels too large for the mouth,

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days to several weeks, and it may be stated generally that the severity of

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complications, such as bleeding from the gums, nose, bowel, and small

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rather hard patches, usually varying in size between a pin's head and

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constant cough or hawking to clear the larynx. Both tend to

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of the Bulletin and are grateful for the letters of appreciation

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(usually in the course of a day or two) he is extremely collapsed, and

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for faddle-horfes ; and, at leaft, fifteen hands for

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