nuts. The worm, now grown, eats through the shell and

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solids of the milk, leaving out the fats. It sours the milk by

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person in the United States. Norway uses the most oats per

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enough or of such a nature as to produce suppuration.

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• We are the Southwest's undisputed leader in Myo-Electric arm fabrication

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especially the throat, colon, and the external genitals, are among the

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less enlargement of the prostate, and a small percentage of these suffer

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only in summer time, when the sun is bright and the air warm.

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tricle are not due chiefly to lung infiltration, because when crisis ensues

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though some may come from the nitrogenous foods. The

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Local Treatment. — Cantlie does not believe in local measures before

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of June. Afterwards the company proceeded to the Academy of

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capable of exciting the temperature nerves and producing a feeling of

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remove the phthisical tendency the physician must place chief reliance

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including the ports of the tropical Atlantic coast in America and Africa.

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Serious types are also shown by the occurrence of certain nervous

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with grave nervous symptoms, the development of the general hemor-

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a day is allowed to elapse. The patient is now wrapped snugly,

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be altogether as to its therapeutic use in the various forms of

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the ablest among those living, had full faith in spontaneous

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31.34 ; 5 to 15 years, 0.81 ; 15 to 45 years. 2.80 ; 45 to 65 years, 8.88 ;

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diagnosticate an ordinary gastric catarrh or a neurosis of the stomach

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tigo, nausea, and occasionally vomiting. Fever and contraction of cervi-

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task, and most nobly does he continue to expand, to improve,

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agreed that every man possible should have six hours sleep.

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data. Many laboratory experiments have been made with a view of

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present psychical manifestations or neurasthenic symptoms, are the

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ment, and, in addition, he impregnated the atmosphere, the

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and cooling drinks are to be preferred to hot ones, among the former

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with a solution of boric acid (3 per cent.), and the throat may be sprayed

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his friends, and it may thus be utilized as a valuable initiatory meas-

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we must have sufficient of protein to form tissue and sufficient

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pathogenetic agents passing from the throat to the ear through the

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The diagnosis of varicella oflFers no special difficulties. The erup-

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ether mixture of Schleich is just coming into notice, and may

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into a liquid material, with disintegration of cellular elements, and is

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disinfection, there are other hygienic requirements that must be complied

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bercle bacillus as a final point in diagnosis is impaired in this situation by

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decided calming of the cutaneous nerves ensues; this is doubtless

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" Of course it hardly needs to be said that it is only occasionally

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uti does not respond to cipro

]>andemics of 1510 and l.")80, S in tlie seventeenth, 20 in the

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The safest among them is phenacetin, of which 5 grains (0.324) may

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ble, it burns very slowly, and fire in it is easily subdued, yet,

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