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tilaginous non-dilatable stricture, usually the result of injury ; and these

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towns and small country districts. In country districts there was a

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*D.\vY, Richard. Esq., appointed Demonstrator of Anatomy to the Westminster

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and he was always ready to respond to it when elected. Never did

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versal experience of the profession testifies the truth of tliis position.

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immersion in a huge cauldron of hot water. In the different workshops,

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sphere, tempered by Atlantic breezes and excellent, although limited,

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though recognised and aided by the Government, is entirely dependent

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AuscuUation and Percussion. By Samuel Gee, M.D. London; 1870.

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ordered a dry application of Fuller's earth and French chalk, which

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action, like those of Dr. B. W. Richardson, noted by Dr. Laycock. As

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—The site is most eligible, on high ground, and commanding extensive

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families who, for want of means to rent more than one room each, cannot pos-

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as the greatest number of sea-inlets, and that the south has but one

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dical officers was over ;^4000 in one year. He also showed that in St.

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of the earliest contributors on this subject. He had listened with great

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the writings of any author who distinctly asserts the truth of the doc-

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the shoulder-tip and the liver is a real hyperasmic or inflammatory con-

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portant in directing him how to arrange and classify that statistical in-

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him they honoured themselves, by conferring that degree on one of the

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not attended by pain or inflammation, or acute symptoms of any kind.

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could be obtained if the members of the profession would only be at

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But the State has for some time recognised the profession as a whole

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suture. With the probe, the bone could be felt fractured and some-

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of late years — such as at Dublin, Oxford, and Leeds. He was greatly

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the results of his own obserration with the sphygmograph, and a

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bution of the four diseases, or groups of diseases, classed by the Regis-

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who, thanks to a good plaster of Paris bandage, were not at all the

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There has been a school of medicine here since 1834, of which Sir

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tions of four general meetings, upon the instructions from the Branches,

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Registrar of Births, etc., for the Dunamanagh Dispensary District : 24th.

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