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children with some medical men and with a great many monthly nurses.
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from each member that he would adhere rigidly to the charges laid
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rally coflive, but a diarrhoea is often produced by very flight
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and pain was found over the left side of the chest and over
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very sick with it. I have seen many of them have a single parozjrsm but they
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and expectoration, rapid gain in weight and strength,
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however, inculcated by Prof. Peaslee, of this city, in 1854. 1 Prof. Peas-
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blood examination in this case was made by Brown, who found
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life. When the myocardium is involved, as occurs in chronic valvular and
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Medicine in the University of Pennsylvania. By George J. Ziegler, M. D.
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best to be done, and report to the Council as speedily as
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them — were affected with the disease. So soon as
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Every one is well aware that those, who, by a vicious course
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vagina is to narrowness, both from its contractility
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Dr. D. R. PatkrsoN called attention to a simple method of masking the
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physics, of chemistry, and of biology, should precede the study
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were given. On the thirteenth day she had another rigor,
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and I propose to excise the largest mole. I have recently seen a case
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uncleanly methods of handling milk are the two wliich should be
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Dr. J. B. Thompsox said it would appear that the operation of ovariotomy was
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patient gained in flesh and strength, and to-day she is in
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In tonsilitis the tonsils are swelled so much that patients
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eases which they were privileged to see and report, find
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perfects this sense. 4. The color-sense is improved in accordance with
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in the tendons. They might be peripheral or central in origin.
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ure of petty squabbling, political jobbery, and partisan
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the other half to the systole with the praesystole assumed by him. But
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selfish impression that shall present itself as a barrier to a
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way. I would expect advantage from small quantities of opium dis-
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The Effect of Bandaging in Cuts and Lacerated Wounds, 363
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in the blood, the action of the heart being arrested by a morbid agency
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Vnicersity of Pennsi/lcania. can PharmnceuticaL Association.
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dimensions. The heart, as it goes on enlarging, pushes the lungs

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