fauces, and impairment of the sensibility of the epiglottis and
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bodies, and equally belated teachers of materia medica, still
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Tuesday, March 7th, at .3.4.5 p.m. Mr. M. A. Adams in the chair. The
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well that we should remember that many of the advances
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retention. It being found impossible to pass a catheter
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Epidemiological Society of London, II, Chandos Street, W., s.so p.m.—
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Brights -Clerk.— On January 17th, at! St. John's Chapel, Rolleston,
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ing to find that no clear evidence exists that chloroform
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of a glove stretcher, and Dr. P. T. O'SuUivan read notes of
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sity i;ollege : W. Bligh, Guy's Hospital ; .r. L. Firtb, M D.. Univer-
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the Committee were agreed to: Messrs. Hunt, Beckwith,
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observation by the vaccinator. The children should, as for-
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Salary, £y.i per annum, with free house and garden. Applications to
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cers of tlie mamma. These drawings I made with the camera
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coated, small, and have imprinted upon them the word cas-
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two witnesses is sufficient, who obtain their information from
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Is a paper read before the Medical Society of London
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of its founders, and praised its scientific character, together
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the veteran's hundredth birthday in the rooms of the Medical
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was responsible for the death of about 1,400 persons. Dr.
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Banda, N.W.P. Surgcon-Captaia I.M.S., Civil Surgeon.
compatability of erythromycin and doxycycline
sufficiently described by its title, is now before us ; in re-
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the event of the cord coming down, which it did. t was prepared to
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their families, a fact which points to the water of the harbour
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two operations coukl be reduced almost, if not quite, to the
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question of superannuation, and makes the giving of a pen-
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duced ; indeed, it will be or benefit to the sufferer. Before injection,
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officials is beginning to engage the earnest attention of tlie
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recorded as possessing both pathological, clinical, and sur-
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DrsTRiCT Nurses and the Jubilee Institute. — The Queen
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of the old Roman walls. The wall, the camp, and other
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not so rare as miglit be imagined. It is interesting to notice
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brought about by the action of the drug very mucli in the
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and the left third nerve. — Dr. Percival showed: (1) Perma-
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laboratory material, and one of £18, for the histological
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of parasitic influences on cancer were undertaken as a result
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be effected, and calls attention to the vast system of cunicular
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successful, there is no valid reason for supposing that pro-
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(A.) Ordinary Patients.— Oi 27 hospitals in respect of which
use of erythromycin for stomach problems

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