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daic currents with prompt and complete recovery were not
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ance. It is every way exceedingly creditable to all concerned and one we
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six months for the smaller trunks and nine months for the plexus
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erosions and ulcerations exist in about twenty per cent of the fatal
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life exists only in connection with secretory tissue and
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sonians to use alcohol as a remedial agent inasmuch as we discounte
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of physicians secure better treatment of the poor than the nos
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was of a soothing nature. A distinguished professor of physic at
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of recovery some nervous disturbance such as insomnia vertigo mental
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the morning. Several gallons of previously boiled water were
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any response to the electric excitation there need be
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expectations and hopes of all this new remedy was destined
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Dropsy has been a difficult subject to the professed nosologist and
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These patients were all more or less debilitated and their high protein
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ens. The respiration is only slightly influenced at the b in
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careful study of cases with a view to the better understand
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of tropical malarious countries showing a special predilection for the
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toi powder aa snufF for this purpoaa Such subjects are alwaj
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to make sanitary inspections of the State s defences against
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of the uterosacral ligaments and not being able to free
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portion or neck. Very little of such a tumour remains embedded
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people need more specific information about the biology
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which were to be treated according to certain rules. But the
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worth that the doucl e is a very valuable cleansing ngent but I
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increased dilution renders the diagnosis even more certain.
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result of this method for France and Algeria during the
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and no fragments too large to pass having been found it was imagined
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may exist for a long time without the patient being
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thyroid artery round which I could most easily have passed a ligature.
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bodies which now regulate the public health machinery
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to know and then proceeds to secure information with regard to it. With

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