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teaching hospital which is engaged in this larger duty.

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times to visit the sick man for the sole purpose of do

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change liberates energy in the form of heat. This heat by fur

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In tAT ical cases a soft fluctuating and insensitive tumor is

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vides were known to be cells. The cleavage of the ovum

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without eight or nine hours of him your correspond

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incubus upon the trade would amount to a virtual prohi

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subserved by roots coming from a part of the cervical enlargement higher

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travenous administration. With alcohol the first effect was a

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He desired to learn Dr. Prewitt s experience in those

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neighbourhood of the ligature was due to some irritant

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the more urgent the necessity of insisting upon plenty

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inmates. They certainly do not solve all the questions that

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atrophy the nerves are then converted into fibrous c

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a copy of his Return of Infectious Diseases notified during th lt

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rapidly with aortic insufficiency in the course of rheumatic fever. Death

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by the faot that the oonatriotedtirifioea of many of the

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Californians was unknown in the Australian eucalyptus forests

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supporting the tumor with the hands or bandages affords relief. Eruc

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being closed over the ist incision. X ery fairly successful.

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hitherto it has not been shown that the reaction ever occurs with nontyphoid

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of passing on infection to the next door neighbor in the cervical chain.

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every fifteen minutes by day and got up a dozen times at

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Whereas Acute care beds throughout the State are being

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Case IV. Profuse intermittent Uterine HcemorrJia ges for

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Congress shall mafae no law respecting an eitablish

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ance. per cent. among these were girls over years of age

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Neutral staining depends on the fact that almost all basic stains

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cells which seem to be exercising a phagocytic effect

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Urea is now artificially prepared by the following process

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study and comparison to be the most closely allied to measles.

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mesentery or to broadly cover over and guard so to speak

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of which the olfactory pits develop but are for a time separated

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ness namely Matheus Realdus Colombus born at Cremona

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Jvcpt up without increasing its dose a very unlikely idea to

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