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often damaged a surgeon s reputation because he has not sufficiently

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cartilaginous osseous and other tissues causing different kinds of morbid

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gether in the same individuals is of course indisputable.

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medical therapeutics of insanity is much neglected

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ing. It has been found that milk well sterilized will after

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times daily. The injections should not be thrown in just before

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hour often within fifteen minutes. He had never ob

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out the existence of these sputa which he called pearly sputa

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usual. I was scarcely conscious of ordinary movement and felt as

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aspirated the pressure factor at least would have been removed. In

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would frequently lose their natural heat and feeling. Her habit of

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brane. He has several times seen it as the result of

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the function of the kidney is greatly impaired the secretion is at

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tator or t hot Water bag introduced into the stomach of

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syphilitic child is not rhachitic though it may acquire rickets and the

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sole antiseptic. To day it is mainly used in general surgery as

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President of that Association the late Dr. Gross distinctly but

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tims. It has not been long since witches were burned at

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that the sewage etfluent be kept in a satisfactory condition.

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whole arm had been affected the deltoid was the only muscle that did

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condition is produced principally by mechanical agencies for any

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The difficulty which was found in obtaining men from different parts of

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tion. Bacteria having invaded the tissues might remain a long

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made to this in the Illinois Board s published pro

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The thoracic wall of a small white rat fixed by injection of

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and symptoms of chronic passive congestiou. In this

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eliminated will fail of its object in fact we should

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General Hospital he mentioned that he had studied a

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as there is less danger following than when the lambs

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resulting from the removal of successive portions of pancreas approxi

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days. A Mean atmospheric temperature for the week b. Number

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The main characteristic of this severe form of measles is the

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