opment of toxemia, and often of croupous laryngitis or cardiac failure.

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head and eyes must be protected from the sun. The surround-

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dental. There exists a certain individual susceptibility to whooping-

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dition improves materially, the circulation becomes more free,

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ent day. Of recent years considerable attention has been

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gation cannot be accomplished by the ordinary enema of warm water,

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most of them, or seen the result of their use in conjunction

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Most of the States have a standard for milk. The laws

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result of proper treatment, and from certain symptoms. If the fever be

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was a case of that most loathsome and contagious disease,

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{h) Necrosis or Sloughing. — In all save the milder grades of cell-

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noon, instead of the forenoon, as in the latter. A clear history, the

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per cent. Biernacki demonstrated the presence of spirilla in the spring-

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success is illustrated by the institution at Kaltenleutgeben, which has

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104° F. (40° C), while the heart-heats become exceedingly feeble. In a

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Th'ere were four deaths from sepsis and one from delirium

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In such, however, tliere is usually first developed a fibroid induration,

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in the diagnosis. The gastric digestion is poor, the appetite generally

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they assume the splendid colors of autumn foliage. This

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pathology except as to the sequences of the disease. In the early stages

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There is need, too, of individualization. In the average case a

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action ended here, we should be only a little better off than before, for

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douche, these unhappy creatures bloom forth into health and content-

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The bacillus pyocyaneus is found in the greenish pus — ^the

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ill when admitted) might have been saved. Still the results are so

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influence decidedly the general course of the affection, and these may

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be induced to persevere, and I desire to warn against accepting their

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is high hydrotherapy is indicated. For the intolerable pains morphin is

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" Vaser ! Vaser !" said the doctor, in wild amazement. " My

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