surgeons of future generations. They are profoundly instruc-
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5:1. Appetite good ; pulse CO, moderately strong; general con-
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vessel in which these men returned home occupied UO days on
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devices, but they cannot do without oil, and they cannot get an oil which
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stools are bulky (see amount of feces, p. 210) and contain abnormally
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former, as being "the best x-ray machine of the present day art" — this being
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smaller than normal. Above its apex something like a sesamoid bone could be
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appear so early in the disease as in the former case, but eventually
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healed with a cicatrix and the other was in the process
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proper to discard the words, 'of a knowledge of right and wrong, and place
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coccyx or sacrum, hypertrophied Houston's valves, the continued
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describe the functions of the organism without pretending to seize the
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and certainly not free from danger — I prepare for
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into the duodenum. No stones in common or hepatic ducts; no
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their early days, the death that so often occurs during the first week. A
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sion in all iis forms was tried — flexion, direct compres-
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tion of the uterus which we call subinvolution, or the
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salts possess a permanent radio-activity which does not pre-
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scopic investigation of the affected skin, as this was
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you might say. At entrance, in January, there were 55 mgm,
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cannot be said to act from experience, but only from analogy. The
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Dean, College of Medicine, L’niversity -of Illinois. 143 pages.
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intubation tube. Many years ago I showed the tube at a Laryngological
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ually disappeared, and there were no more paroxysms
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ued, and multiple films were made. On expelling the enema,
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pensated for, symptoms of insufficient afflux of blood into the left ^de
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on percussion, the liver dulness was present; the area of splenic
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We trust that in the forthcoming revision of the U. S.
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found to have both kidneys movable. The diagnosis was
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noticed and which is a pretty convincing proof that in

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