I was once called in consultation by two physicians to see a lady over

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Jonathan Hutchinson, in which t'le following gentlemen will

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ence during life will often be revealed only at autopsy. There is no

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Vertigo is not uncommon in fimctional derangements of the ali-

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lower extremities quite extensively. One case, a lady, for two years

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to dryness of half the surface of the tongue. I have found it partic-

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them? Again, if it be disorganization of the kidney structures which

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ihliitotl, A\h\ ihoro may be considerable photophobia with severe

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be no question that many cases of rupture of a diseased artery, such

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been in any way near a disorder wliich is infectious, the

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here is, that although he began to develop all the train of nervous

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In other cases the atony is so pronounced that the fluid contents ac-

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vital, connective tissue takes the place of the more living cells of the

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the theory that epilepsy is due to instability of the motor centers,

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which the portraits of past Presidents and distinguished

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enough for Leeds, are no longer considered sufficiently

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GORDON Smith, Joseph, L.R.C.P., L. R.C.S. Edin., L.F.P.A S.Glasg., ap-

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nes^ persisted for from four to ten weeks, with ultimate <'om-

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does the same) cannot take hold, and thus cause, along with

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they do so by means of inhalation through the mouth.

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available owing to building operations and to other causes.

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in the text are diagrammatic, and all but two pertain to the

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I then, for the first time, learned that she had been subject to chronic

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•was called to the opacity which commonly occurs, after a

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its function. In longer muscles, as in those of the shoulder and upper

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tion bring on the attack. Like gouty or lithemic derangements, they

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cell, whether of a carcinoma or sarcoma, is itself a parasite, and con-

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tic douloureux to the pains caused by tumors. It ought to be cleared

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One of them died from the effects, while the others, after more than a

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prove materially in all respects for weeks or months. The cases vary

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