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Dr. J. T. Duncan, Toronto, read this paper, and emphasized
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moditied skiascope. Phila. Polyclin.. 1893, ii, 329. .
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policies that protect public health. One of the out-
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wood's paper, as it was practically in line with his own,
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the Hepatic Ducts," Med. Chir. Trans., Lond., 1905, Ixxxviii, p. 247.
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tions must show whether by means of such serum a similar bactericidal
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2. — Biermer claims priority to Zepler in the invention of
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Poolcy, in his article under the above title, which appeared
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is greater than the average of 5} quarto, the cost is proportionately higher, as it is
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reduced from thirty thousand warriors to three hundred. This disorder,
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only refer briefly to the synovitis which is consecutive to the bone
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speech Dr. Bateman read extracts of letters from Sir Thomas
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a tumour of this kind — resulting from a blow or effusion of blood — a
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flesh is heir. Thus will our knowledge be enriched, our
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adult quickly tolerates, and which, taking into consideration its almost
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In many microbes the pathogenic poisons are regarded as intimately
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supposes that the exciting cause of these movements is the accumulation of
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of vesico-vaginal fistula, tells us that he operated successively twenty-nine times
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BROWN, giffin: blood volume in polycythemia vera 501
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for, again, in the "Advancement of Learning " we find this passage:
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the pains had ceased. An anaesthetic is not necessary in adults, and
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free passage of the intestinal content. This kink is pro-
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some cases can be traced distinctly to a septic condition in the
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presidency of Dr. George N. Kreider. The local committee and
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the muscles; this is a piece of tape, ^ inch wide, introduced with a
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throws on many interesting questions in Medicine. But I
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supply from her beautiful bosom. Now it seems to me we
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percussion dullness extends across the median line, while in chronic
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the Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Environmental Med-
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moved, and inflammations in its vidnity must be carefully tzeatel
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cafe, I entertain a hope that adhefion of the remaining part
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these, the face is generally pale, and the mark on the neck is a simple depres-
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parts of the confederation, we cannot register in Great
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CCX. Diabetes — Treated in various ways . . . .914
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377. — Y'ounjs ('J. K.) Unilateral anophthalmus ; with a
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that the medical practice act of that State was constitu-
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neck without fear of serious loss of motor power, and the nerve is not
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fessions were made, no motive for the perpetration of the crime had appeared
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4. Suppurative Labyrinthitis: A Critical Review of Its Diag-
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cerebri ; winds around the under and outward part of the cor-

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