ately. Very little hemorrhage came from the uterine

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dermique ulc6rense. Bull. clin. nat. opbt. de I'hosp. d.

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" February 11th. — Vaccination apparently taking effect; measles appeared ;

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rather to the reserve protein present in the spore itself or to a small

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Remedy. — Mild purgatives. Soak scales in a solution

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The action of the two fractions on coagulated proteid in the absence of

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of Dr Barclay's propositions are very neat and satisfactory ; but

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body fourteen hours after death. On making an incision along the side

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second day afterward made up my mind to again give chloroform, and,

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females), the remedy was only given in doses of 2 grains three times daily.

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theory of the transmission of respiratory diseases. Handshaking as

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portion of the cases tuberculous and associated with pulmonary tuber-

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even guessed at ; and the gradual tran.-^ition from the one to the other, which

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air. This should be so managed as not to cause great

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vary very much in their behaviour when the pressure in-

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have been annually treated for this disease, at home those who have

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storms was not averse to a high barometer, but usually

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with any other element. It comprises from 0.75 to 1 per cent, of the

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reproductions in this article — some of the details

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Modes of Infection. — The disease is transmitted by contact; but Widal

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Mr. President and Gentlemen of the House of Delegates:

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III. False auricular intermissions, in which the pause is shorter than

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ing the period of life of greatest usefulness — thus 30 per cent, of all

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adopting it. It is a theory, however, which we admit explains to our mind

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tinued stupefaction^ without any fatal result. It is therefore absurd

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muscles. The galvanic current alone is to be used, but in combination

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demic Constitution " as also influencing and modifying treatment

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Surgeons of Ontario, under Section 13 of the Ontario Medical Act to make by-laws

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repose. Our eyes are irritated by artificial and impure light ; our

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The clinical recognition of cholera Asiatica has now become a

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of extension of the infection present themselves. In these cases the local

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of which had brought about an almost conij)lete closure of the ileum at

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