in question. I have not discovered any account of the ari'ange-
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degree of the alcohol is generally very high. Indigo,
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thigh were placed on an inclined siu-face, rising gra-
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fi-om exudation into its interstices ; the internal
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will quite alter your ideas of their import, and give
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The plan of the future IIotel-Dieu of Paris has beeu
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cessful, the same operation may be tried several times in suc-
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lost tlesh, and became obviously more out of health. She was sent
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monstrated ozone; in others, it has not. Is the test
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or non-saccharine diet is over-estimated. 3. The ] theories, phrases, and rules of practice, during the
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blood, or as tonics, their beneficial effects in typhus
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method hitherto known, llie first time of her being
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which he has arrived are : [ gives an exposition in a highly interesting preface,
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the period of sis months from the sending of the letter,
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the diet is, of course, of the first importance. This
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By so duing, they will confer a boon, and deserve the grateful
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from the fact that they did not scruple to operate for
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allow the food to pass freely, or else be driven for-
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the array medical officers and the profession rest con-
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Paris, ]-*avia, or Leyden. During the last century the schools
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formance of their duties as public servants. That Ave
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saline injections into the veins. What if this theory
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serve that it bears to paralysis this relation, that we
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were somewhat red and swollen ; and on everting the
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and thus the strength is renewed ; but if the move-
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tain life. This " fact" of increased specific gravity
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dence, and seemed to waiTant the opinion that alcohol
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tioners, including 1,383 Poor-law medical officers in
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tional syi^hilis, which jdelded at once to syphiHsation.
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The child of M. R., a healthy boy, was attacked on the
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the sight so exceeding terrible, we might hear those
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Monday Metropolitan Free, 2 r.jr.— St. Mark's for Fistula
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I am aware that the number of cases I have been able to
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novelty and originality, a specialty, in his work in
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union to meet, and, if possible, come to some definite
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reach, the affected part, and not be passed beyond it.
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maker, it is scarcely hkely he will even get the taxed
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frised, and always j)assing from the body so as to be
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former to two of the latter, every fourth hour.* If on again
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principal soitrce of crowding into towns ; since the
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words impetigo and ecthyma should be either banished
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saving of his masters from public censure. In doing
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his stead, therefore, allow sie a word or two in an-
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lie that way, how will you can endure the warme navi-
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swiftly and kindly without any long continuation of
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» only acquires knowledge of the highest importance, but he
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thing appeared to progress favourably until the third
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old age by remunerative private practice ; and that,

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