nates by it those materials which are produced or rendered
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form of the disease, when the tongue remains moist, and the ordinary
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purely hypothetical, and is opposed, apparently at least, by numerous
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mnnoes, the mno&os membnDe of the su^nacb Mud bowels has been
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ductor of caloric ; but they consume a large quantity of fuel,
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vulsions from spasm of the bowels, it should be resorted to if other
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is all-important to sustain. The same remark is applicable to the erpee>|
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tains nearly the same quantity of nutritious matter as the bean,
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Travel and Permanence of residence, good undoubtedly for the
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impoitance in the condition now under consideration, and perhaps, on the
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was first used. It has been particularly recommended in chronic luni- I
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It is uncertain wfsether belbidnnna was used by the anrimts as a
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purpose in relieving gastric uneasiness and flatulence, on being taken
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(he healthy tiaioa. {M$d. T. and On., Aug. 1862, p. 219.)--J\rote (o thi third §diium.
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of trial, and one of which is now generally used, where the greatest
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the persevering nse of this remedy, combined with a little opium to ren-J
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stag as obtained from the hills. The roebuck is rather in-
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from the result of which it appears that the oil of wormwood is
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canet ' of the profession, beside which can be placed
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An Oleortrin (Olkoeesina Piperis, U. S.; Exteactum Piperis Flu*
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L To ike Muscles. — Faradiaation of the Muscles (Duehenne):* — 1
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MedicO'Chirurgical Transactionjtt (xxxv. 415), ** twenty-nine were ?^|
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in checking the increased secretion, which is at once the agent of relief,
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one on one of the parts, and the other on the other, and to connect the
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apathy — indifference from whatever cause, not from
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erally, feeling the want of their ordinary support from the blood, make

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