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at. Strychnine, by the mouth or hypodermically, galvanism, massage, and
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primary condition with which the abscess is associated, such as ear
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ertson sign, but differs from the latter as the pupils were of
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that there was a class of mixed tumors characterized
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marrow, &c. In the instance of a public execution,
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Sir — You have recently announced the death, at San
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" The return of the tonicity to the normal condition usually takes place
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same circumstances. They are defective, it is said, in
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fortable, more efficient, and more happy. Let him have his well-earned
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chemical formation, but I have no time to enter into the
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Next, a clear liquid becomes visible in the papultB which now become vesi-
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Wilcox, D. H. Hubbard, Bromley, F. A. Hart and Richardson.
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studied in ovaries from human beings at various ages,
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made suflficiently free to reach healthy tissues, both
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sanitation of malarious districts. In England, in Hol-
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looked confused, and quietly returned. The following is another example :
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The author believes half a grain or a quar- by any other variety. The analysis of a
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was a gush of thick material roade up of fibrin, blood-clots
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increase or diminution at present observable in various colonies,
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islation: Drs. H. L. E. Johnson, of Washington, D.C., William
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We shall not go into the theory of fever, argue the pros
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should hold to others, and under this spiritual per-
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Whenever a student in any branch appears to the instruc-
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pressive of the regret of the section at the untimely death of
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him to take a warm interest in the political questions of
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DeLoffke, a. a., Assistant Suigeon. — (ii-antcd \c;i\v ol
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an empyema of the antrum of Highmore as well as of the
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development, that is, from the end of the stage of invasion, to the time
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water carriage system, or which have already adopted it, will
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proceeded to operate ; and, having exposed ^ that it had to be made higher up than ordi-
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The County Coroner . — In Minnesota the elective office of county coroner was
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of little service unless they explain principles and expose the plans of
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tively, before the initial symptoms. The usual time
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question as to the relationship which exists between
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Besides these the following preparations are officinal, but very
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The question has a large economic significance in addition to its
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beginning locally, are most valuable indications of meningitis as opposed to
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same honorable plane as the highest counsel, and had cer-
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splenomegaly. Without discussing these different theories the writer
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noteworthy considering its frequency in the epidemic form.
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which have since been attained by many other surgeons, both in this coun-
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diet and cooling drinks the stomach rapidly recovered.
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Dr. "Weeks reports on the subject of Yaccination. The familiar story of
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