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is better to sleep in the second story than on the ground

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slashed and buried with them. If they are preserved they

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obstruction of the pulmonary artery which withholds the blood from

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signs another sign may be added namely an abnormal transmission of the

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in pressure affecting the veins capillaries and arteries and it is

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velopment of a grave cerebrospinal aft ection which

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by analy who rarely hesitate to pass judgment upon a water

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The interne on duty observed that she had very great difficulty in


is placed conveniently. Always give the wound good drainage and

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chief results obtained by the scientific inquiries and pointing out the

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is now and then attacked and in this way superficial necro

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of two cells so concerned it the direction of the pro

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Biermer s clinic and those of general literature I find cases

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wherever notable manifestations of the cell body appear they

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been both foul and dry. Here is an illustration of the propriety of

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that had evidently been infected by the milk of tuberculous cattle.

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for the treatment of sewage not infrequently result in odors that may

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than by hysteria. When examined he complained of pain at the seat of

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with. The clinical picture differed from that in England

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effectually stopped up. No urine then returned by the vagina. On

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