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mind that every one here enjoyed and appreciated the address of

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are many children who are said to have jaundice but which affection

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methylene blue stains were likewise used on several

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tion of Georgia and Professor of Medical Chemistry in

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students in reference to the work of the session about to commence.

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laboratory facilities for such recognition are not ade

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female doctor had just passed the Alabama State Board.

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than that attained hy the action of enzymes. For example acid breaks

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of pus sometimes amounting to a large tablespoouful would

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Hypersusceptibility and Immunity Produced by Bacterial Proteins.

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excretion of urea by the kidneys. CaJor prceter iatnram the lea lt ling

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twenty four to forty eight hours preferabh in the forenoon. The

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ister them therefore when fever is absent although as

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intestine and. on the cmUrary a chronic intussusception

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rhapsody I ever read save perhaps the k gt life and narrative

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trl cum atrophia lactantium see Oalartia. T. os sls

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succumb rapidly to a free exposure to light especially to sunlight.

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was used the sensation of pain was obtunded without

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with some other branches of knowledge. In the living body not


G. F. Still who has collected and reported a large number of

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mucous membrane so that enlarged tonsils may be regarded as

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In all our experiments the following methods were used

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tetanus the cerebral symptoms which belong to cerebro spinal meningitis an

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that has been absorbed. Of the alkaloid grains were taken and

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the ship s forecastle and other apartments after the re

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rabbits causes characteristic blood changes a rapid

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passages comprise the various common procedures. Xone of the

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robed Plato broad of brow and ever thoughtful slowly pac

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posing it at the same time no positive conclusion can be

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that it is given. Through the skin by inunction it is

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presence from this source should not be underestimated.

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Anatomical Atlas of Obstetric Diagnosis and Treatment. By Oscar Schaeffer

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may if he is so disposed teach medicine upon scientific principles

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