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patients that could be carried was twenty two. Further for operational reasons

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ing the chief constituent of the connective tissue. He

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composed of granular protoplasm and w ith a large sharply

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milder forms of remittent fever are early recognized

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even counts the number of hairs on our coat collars

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plaster to the back keep the body warm and apply ice to its

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Lowe s under Col. Cox. In July he received the appoint

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as saying that any considerable part of the whole number of cases of

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firmed by other observers. The very severe character of the opera

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trigeminus Rouget others by the lingual tjTnpanic cord and the

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On the first manifestation of the symptoms her two sisters were

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This mass which was adherent to the sigmoid also was raised up after

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resulting symptoms should make their appearance quickly. The occlusion

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thread. A positive blood supply to the tissues making up

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the anterior part of the lobus biventer in the right hemisphere was

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Pick Ibid. concludes a lengthy paper on this subject with the following

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tion to discuss. When there is a distinct lesion such as

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the mother s milk before the child is injected with

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Calcarea Carb. is a main remedy for chronic asthmatic complaints

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is probably the first recorded instance of recovery after

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and so uncoverable part of the preputial sac may con

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eases to which Dr. Farr has given the name zymotic

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Diarrhoea is generally present and may require to be restrained bv

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treated according to the books which our publishers

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would be an advantage for although the proportion of children in

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well as the visitors at the hotels and boarding houses.

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have been altered by chemical poisons while in the bodies of their

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twenty or that youth would sleep out the rest for there is

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comparing the creatine and creatinine output with that of nitrogen to

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it is found on grasses. It is probably always contracted by the

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due to that triangular duel which is always being fought upon

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At the time of the survey in smoked or colored glasses for patients

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tures deliver in much smaller drops than aqueous prepar

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bronchitis may exist without asthma. It may also come

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in the gall bladder and remain there a long time without caus

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Note. M. Ximmo of Glascow has discovered a method by

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put him on iodide of potassium. He improved very rapidly at first so

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