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of air in the areolar tissue. Towards evening the emphysematous

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ly used in depressed conditions of the vital powers.

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of a nasopharyngeal polyp the examination should be

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It is worth while to remember this symptom of pain as it is

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tirely as coughing or the slightest movement will keep it

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at F. parts of glycerine and parts of boracic acid. The

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parts of the body and the blood to any great extent.

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watching its effects upon the circulation of the blood with the

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pubis upward for a distance which varies between an

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performed on Saturday last by Mr. Fergusson. The patient

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and incomplete and insufficient for us to act upon

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the figure it had before difcovers an elaflicity whence we conclude

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to staff multiple urgent care centers in middle and east

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interesting as the discussion which took place in that

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subordinate to the nature of the disease which he wishes to cure to

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up into something of utility or a hint which even without

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opposite direction Fig.. From this comparatively simple experiment

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first systematized by Estlander and a report of eight

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wire suture twisted with a pair of Cai penter s nippers. This

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the destructive distillation of cinchonine with caustic

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patient the arteries were not sclerotic. At the time of ampu

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The injection of tuberculin which to a certain extent is analogous

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from the body but still remains on extremities tongue the same

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discipline which each should practise who proposed to take

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mentions the case of a young girl who while wearing one

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gesting the desirability of operation if a careful and thorough

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he could not say what the effect would be in adults.

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