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Long leg splint was removed and a short ankle splint

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the number of them which the students are required to attend

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call. This is certainly a proposition which deserves

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ridgling and explained his method of operating. Dr. Wyman performed

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tonic quite cured her in a month with the exception of the

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the state but is a valuable privilege and perhaps a

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find it a very interesting and suggestive work. It differs from the

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carrying on the same function. Finally the writer suggests

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proceedings of the British Pharmaceutical Congress held

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phosphates. While these have greatly aided and in some cases

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salt solution is then promptly poured into the bur

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testimony to the value of our teaching in the prevention

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The annual admission rate per for this period was.. The rates

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Reprinted from The Journal of lire American Medical Association

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stances as I am now referring to the figure assignable to each

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admit of a plug at rhe uterine extremity which greatly facilitates their

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use of one or other of the different parasiticide remedies must

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following day there was marked redness and swelling of the entire soft

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patients illustrative of the various symptoms described but we

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attention has been paid to the obstinate vomitings which

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point in the seasonal cycle of poliomyelitis. During

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Kobelt gives a valualjle description of the opposite sex duct

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duces palenefs and torpidity of the fkin frequently occafions tem

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many if not all the aggravating eye strains and their

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The greater part of the book applies these principles to the

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a rapidly destructive ulcer on the penis arrested by mercury to

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treatment i.e. Hogyes Pasteur and a new method devised in

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