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begin to examine the specimens in their possession.
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Renon said that he had had occasion recently to pre
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and the patient slept there were however three watery stools
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attached to the os uteri while in labour. Did well without
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feeding. It is well known that those predisposed have a
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of sal soda to tl irty gallons of water. This bath will put
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essential requisite that teachers should strictly enforce is the
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are at once apparent for while the rectum and colon
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performing complicated computations without in many
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cases I will ask Dr. Chappell to make a statement in
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otherwise typhus must be infective at a much earlier time than
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of vomiting the preliminary starvation the horror which
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ing and was without any indication of inqirovemcnt. A
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shall he sufficient evidence of such Medical study.
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version quichJy the italics are ours he had better not
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sions drawn from the incidence of malaria in the first
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pinched the wrinkled brows and contracted lips betray his agony.
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It has the laboratory number Qi t which indicates the
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it well two or three times a day with white liniment. In
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wound in a scuffle dripping blood may leave stains which indicate the
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A full discussion was had upon all of the matters thus pre
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principle that every business should be obliged to pro
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nated simply as diarrheal and the findings are given in Table. The
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Cross examined I discovered no trace of delivery having
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in the physical condition to produce a musical sound.

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