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unbearable breath noticed in some cancerous patients.

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and intestine. Pearce has laid emphasis on the fact

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seminal vesicles were new only in so far as the seminal

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perception and thought. It is true that the spinal cord is com

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surface of the vegetation. The latter may undergo subsequent contraction

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IMfforentlal Diagnosifi. When the murmur of mitral stenosis is very

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result of inflammation during the repair of wounds when

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diagnosis. When the diagnosis was certain and the abscess pointed

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drink as possible. When the pulse indicates it stimulate freely.

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in January which heals and in February say he contracts

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rhabdomyomata of many parts of the lower projection of the

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ties. According to the official figures the number of

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Mrs. Durie we have been permitted to read commences thus

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probably equally infrequent and he does not believe that true

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the eyes sink into their sockets the cornea loses its lustre

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trenches for excreta were better than shallow and tube

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stated that the deceased was very melancholy and could not

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and consisting of elongated cells with round or oval nuclei

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price well printed and with all the original illustra

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surface of the kidney towards the centre show the following details In

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perivascular spaces besides a large number of small mono

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fnlly established and that the os uteri was nearly dilated I

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gentle stimulant to the whole system and in the pre

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she looked cheerful for a case of this kind. She said

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bered stated that all the young and unmarried women of

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obtained in from two weeks to twenty five days on an average when

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yellow we have to deal with hematogenic icterus such as is

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By Thomas Laycock M.D. Professor of the Practice of Medi

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greatly thickened and present a grayish white layer from to mm. in

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that the patient complains of excessive heat and occasionally a slight

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mon to find the primary forms of the two diseases simultaneously

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improvement is said to have followed the operation. Post details

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ness and general unfamiliarity with the niceties of

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from school for the Easter holidays and his mother no

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of lactation and most frequently during the first and second

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presents a tint which is at first chocolate coloured then reddish yellow and

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attack of colic. It was not due to endocarditis for it dis

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experience the susceptibility of a negjo to malaria is not

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a similar course to that from other causes with some

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they were not relieved. Bulliard states that dogs suffered more

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When animals do not thrive and pick up their spirits

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no possibility of any certainty in prognosis in such cases. If the

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sacrifice the one having the greatest opposition. There were addi

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