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hour per cent. the third hour per cent. After grams o
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People of eccentric habit not to say mentally unsound
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injections of morphine under the idea that the woman
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The post Galenical writers Aretaios Bhuphus of Ephesus Oreibasios
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death a rapid and severe case attended with great emacia
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method of treating certain cases of inflammation and ulcer
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evidence of trouble. The majority of hospital patients require
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in gynecological diagnosis and a large number of photo
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with Especial Reference to Methods of Controlling Hemor
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trinated his students that Veterinary Medicine was only a sys
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General Hospital at Boston Joseph Jones Professor of Chemistry and
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the pathological changes have not progressed beyond recovery in acute
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danger of using water which had been in contact with lead pipe.
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Jaundice is not of itself to be considered as a dangerous disorder but

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