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a fact merelv because it was known that after death indura
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presence of the diseased secretion. In the secretion the poisonous
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that the flies are probably responsible but for an occasional case of the
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size of the fever tick though the legs are longer and
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be distinguished as safe or dangerous according to the
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when a muscle is hardened by proper exercise it is homogeniously hardened
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operation mentioned that the case was one of a fibroid of the
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syphilis or Epithelioma Pale flabby large papilla indi
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sistent thicker more opaque and purulent the cough lessens. In
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short processes on both sides still quite pinminent.
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seems to me that the natural interpretation of these ex
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in which there occurred a stenosis of the pulmonary co
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manner of ways. The heads of the thigh bones are pushed nearer together
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a good recovery and passed the Murphy button on July
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lockjaw diphtheria antitoxin employed in the treatment of
ear drum should be made as soon as it shows signs of bulging.
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of uniting the ends of resected intestine and adverse
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lobe right lung. Throughout the sputa presented an unusually tena
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within fourteen minutes and felt the effects of the vapours myself
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are attached around the follicular openings present
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were regularly introduced afterwards and tubes were
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one might then persuade our own people that flies and
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and the oblique muscles and other unsevered attachments
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an external part or wire frame which is attached at
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speaking to the Senior Secretary on the subject was simply to
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scribes the case of a patient in whom at autopsy there
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times along the course of the nerves. Hyperaemia with pruritus may be an
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cant to practice medicine in Missouri on the ground that the medical college
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osteum incurvation is produced which continues until
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bining these products one can stimulate both the in
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with chronic stable angina. Combined therapy can also have adverse effects on
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most practitioners. Collins effectually silences the reports of the
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ergot and its preparations in the treatment of general paralysis
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Potter objected on the ground that this library and
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original vacancy and on the d June was ordered to report to
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exposing the head and facilitating the removal of its upper
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opinion as to the protective eiScacy of vaccination against small
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tities. Thus the common assumption of correlation of the patho
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submaxillary and submental glands become enlarged and
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sional irritation at the neck of the bladder and along the urethra.
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continued to improve attending to active practice of
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urine such as polarimetry and Hay craft s method for the

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