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present system the decrease would by its nature be from the first

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A commendable feature is the frequent use of compara

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ness. The discharge is arrested for a little while then returns. witli

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which at that time not unfrequently agitated the calm waters of

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to the ground with great force and weight thus injuring

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makes many acquaintances but few friends and these will be of

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and in order to favour the elimination of the mercury iodide of potassium

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an abnormal amount of secretion iu the throat is a sign

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than the original acid chloride fluid. This may best be

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or tubercles about the size of peas made their appearance

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viable even when the reaction has undoubtedly reached an unfavorable

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fering from this disease at the same time. He saw one case

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amount of human knowledge on these subjects really be To

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under systematic treatment the more hopeful the prognosis

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small papilloma was found on the posterior part of the

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