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The address of the retiring President was a model in
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the importance of the establishment of hospitals for
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plication of soap and water should be thoroughly and efficiently made.
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pected. Patients with habitual constipation usuaUy become indefat
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irrigated with hot bichloride solution and packed with
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ation might lead one to think they were then suitable
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lent diseases affecting Honduran live stock. Reliable information
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practice in Cheltenham and removed to Bournemonth. He finally
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Official List of Changes of Stations arid Duties of Offi
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ner two ounces of tin were included betwixt crucibles and alfo two
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uterus appeared nearly normal in size unimpregnated.
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tention of normal constituents of the urine and uremia
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Aramonuvhuo. A paper by Professor Jaksch in the Viertel
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Eating much candy sugar or large quantities of sugar
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The liver cells presented a pretty extensive fatty infiltra
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ments but before Mr. Masterman none of them seem to
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O.xford had since the advent of Grimbald been on the
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ursemia or some other impurity of blood the intoxication psychoses.
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for no less than houses or dwelhngs many under one roof
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with the great body of the people. The same theory
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cannot doubt as to which of these has the claim of precedency. I
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tiual and genital disorders are often at fault while the hypo
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made as practical as possible so that the student may become familiar with
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study it will command attention and it deserves it. We
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the clearest and most practical accounts of the disease. In our own
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issue with them. All this claim is very frequently substan
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sexual life as puberty and the climacteric seem to be pre
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the registration authorities and the suspicion constantly
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which are too labile to be detested by customary routine methods lt
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twenty six ten gave only generalized symptoms seven both

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