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reduced and in twenty four hours practically no organisms were found
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as Jacksonian epilepsy and it is to be distinguished from ordinary
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the operation of the abattoir for the first months averaged
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tion of the etiological factor of the disease which
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normal lightning like contraction there is a welt like swelling of the
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equally well or indeed better with parenchymatou degeneration than
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and toes as detailed above resulted in the disappearance of entire
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in the morning and never in the evening. So familiar
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confluent and malignant small pox existed and to the contagion
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reduced by by closing hospitals not needed reducing certain hos
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In consequence of the deformity of the parts it was found that the
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comparing the creatine and creatinine output with that of nitrogen to
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muscular motion. I endeavored to show for instance that
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All these symptoms gradually ameliorated and when the child was first seen
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ficial lesions. The substitution of iron electrodes in place of carbons has not
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was rung. Hitherto combustion was thought to be due to a
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rapid yet comprehensive review of the year s progress
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This is produced by a strain of the ligaments binding the bones
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quently filled with Boft coagula lt gt i thirty four fatal
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snr lt rrons will also be present. Various social functions will be
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case of sympathetic ophthalmia occurring forty two years after the loss
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view to removal of the stone and this operation Bhould
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necessary for the coagulation of the blood was contained
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years ago. Complete relief to the symptoms lias continued
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action is then alkaline just as that of the alkaline carbonates.
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ratiou received by the late and present Drs. Ramsbotham
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a diathei my apparatus applied with a definite inten
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expose the joint. It is then denuded of cartilage with an
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cellar and hanged himself. How long he had been hanging nobody
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Balneological. There is much truth in what Prof. Ira Remsen
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of his adopted country. He was also an ardent adherent of
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treatment recommended under that head run into a typhoid
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Cniversity of Pennsylvania Philadelphia and in McGill
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trolled by the bromides and hydrated chloral and good results have followed
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So far it might be permissible to consider an overproduction of glu
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cally true that beyond a very few personally inter
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which could easily be avoided by carrying a delicate

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