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get rid of all that is unhealthy. Attention must also

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that she lias suifered from indetinite ailments frequent

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tion of the now so universally admitted doctrine of

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senting the sanitary interests of the whole country will

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sult that the patients either objected to the milk entirely

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Dr. J. Lindsay Steven asked with reference to the chorea

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we can convert it into urea by oxidation in the labora

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mission. The tumour was globular felt uneven and rather solid

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whose uteri know not the knife the scissors ecraseur

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Giornale della R. Accalemia di Medicina di Torino puhhlico a

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degeneration the smaller cysts would have increased in size and would

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raisins currants whortleberries prunes etc. and should have peas

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courts is too well known to require farther comment or

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showed that infectious disease hospitals had no effect on

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boiling alcohol. The commercial salt generally appears

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occurrences to be met with in practice unless indeed there has been

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j with the scissors from its attachments to the mus

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dissatisfaction and less trouble than any other method

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diagnosis. The author believes that it would be desirable

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the other causes act from the exterior on the mother cyst. The

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