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should not be completely emptied otherwise bleeding is apt to take place

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tissue of the lungs which is the functional part of the organ. Pneumonia

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which I entertained. I could not.illovv so grave an imputa

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employment the intestines are carried toward the dia

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Middlesex this function will be performed by Lieuten

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sonal loss. We are pleased to see the radical manner in which

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opinions of these gentlemen present who may Ije in

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dysentery may co exist with gastric ulcer in rare instances.

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possible without danger. The writer has had in fifty

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with their children on the books of the Clinical Hospital

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opinion is second to none of the class in existence. We are rejoiced

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tlie extremities however theselattersymptomsmight not appear

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mucous membrane. It is either an independent affection or

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stomach very little difference Avill be found between the free hydro

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ministrative matters to which the the business affairs

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