this place and that this meeting stands adjourned to the

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optic neuritis. The symptoms became much worse nystagmus developed

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are those in which defaecation is allowed to take place

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months been induced by any of the infectious fevers or

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foramen rotundum. The disease was zic douloureux. The result of

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in this omentum. We find considerable hemorrhage and also

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result of all investigation in regard to its action

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of which culturally the type member is the B. Gartner. Its chief

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a trifle obscure. John Conington says The first thing

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ropy fluid somewhat rusenibling mohisses were drawn off. Suffered

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race of the great Negroid branch that the Akkas belong and they

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gard to the cough dyspnoea and other pneumonitic symptoms. Still

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Chapter I deals with the organization of the Sanitary service In France

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many of which I have to thank my friend and colleague Dr.

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ease from spreading has been the careful protection of

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at first of a hemianaesthesia most marked at the periphery

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The following will be the periods of examinations for the Double

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and other sordes lodged in the primie viae arid nj cn also from

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But such radicfJ measures necessarily produce a permanent im

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reason why so many individuals can maintain a fair state of

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passed so much wind from the stomach by belching as himself.

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But if the lachrymal sac is destroyed what will be de

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ternal calamity passes into mental disease a condition of autointoxi

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quent enervation must be the inevitable result of the meagre

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a rule and always in severe cases percussion reveals enlargement of

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maintaining at the time a standard satisfactory to the medical

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been recommended and also disparaged on theoretical grounds

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cancer in raales a greater number occur in persons between the ages of

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the animals maintain about their normal state of health and a more

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ported by pillows unable for a single moment to assume a recum

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treated with a sufficient amount of quinine. The first genetic mechan

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ses in this mode has of late become somewhat frequent in

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are not typical surface colonies abound. The medium thus

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indeed what better return could he make for so much politeness

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