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layed in publication. There are 507 pages exclusive of

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vital importance in contributing to the winning of the war.

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this the literature is more or less at fault. It can-

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true wisdom may consist in treating fever as a valuable

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spaces, and hence the production of adventitious tissue. So far as my obser-

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ground for fear if there be an insensibility in the wound to the action of corroding

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Following is a list of Missouri communities in which MSMA member-physicians are in active practice or reside. Name of the

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tuated redness; as if one had traced with a pencil upon the pleura,

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vive hundred, so as to meet the requirements of the Wholesale and Retail Trade, and to supply the

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IVIany of your patients take several different medicines every day. Separately

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parts. In the fibrous tissue they are few in number.

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are used in veterinary practice in Maryland for the purpose of facilitating

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smaller than those observed in the case of the Widal-

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is true ; it is equally true of heart muscle. This is practically

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from all the symptoms of prolapsus uteri. At this time the

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die — indeed, whether it is an instance of one or the other is itself

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their origin as to have made them as flat as a piece of tape,

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in the pleasures of the table^ partaking of rich and indigestible food and'

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student, whether it would not be possible to reduce

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Liniment of soft soap is frequently employed in chronic

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character which induced Mr. Hey to give the disease the

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other man had four doses before the eighth day and another four doses

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do not enjoy exemption. There are certain localities in which the disease does

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St. Mary’s Hospital' in Detroit Lakes, a hospital of

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Wfymoiith Union. — Mr. T. Parker h.as resigned the Abbotabury District ;

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insanity. Are these toxins produced from the ovarian or the placental

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pains ; if they do not again imcurl, or cannot be removed by cathartics,

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* " Zeitschft. f. Chirurgie," viii, 572, aud xiii, 371.

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can ever be made applicable to major operations (ex-

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sach lists as to limit according to their judgment the num-

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against the existence of a genuine algid fever. Examples of this

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