in former generations have established a gouty constitu-
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have escaped the amount of pressure necessary to cause irritiibility." —
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occurred more frequently in both tuberculosis and malaria than they did
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deformity to her having witnessed the burning of a neighbor's house, while
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The Dissector's Manual. By W. Bruce-Clarke, M.A., M.B., F.R.C.S., etc., and
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tained. I consequently decided to continue my obser-
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ference and that the term miscarriage be used to designate
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attack of pleuropneumonia followed by empyema of the
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following is a very instructive history to those who wish to think a
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and upwards on the bifurcation of the trachea, causing extreme dyspnoea,
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The anterior layer is entirely absent, the urea alone re-
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was placental disease ; and in one case, at any rate, the head
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Crete having been mistaken for a simple phenomenon, from fusing
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The patient, having been prepared by due attention to his gene-
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are accepted by the stronger States. It seems to me
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or less unpleasant reaction after the vigorous use of the gal-
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rately the subject of a report, comprising the details of the size
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bined with cod'liver oil. A favorite formula is ol. morrhuae,
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"Pyoktanin (methylene violet), on the other hand, has very lit-
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tive. But the facts as they occur speak against it. For, in the first place,
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appear in abnormal amount in consequence of excessive metamorphosis in the
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Case 2.— H. C, W. M. S., healthy medical student, aged 23, was given the
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have been forced to jump to a conclusion, than to arrive at it by a legi-
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to that on which it was rubbed. But it was reserved for modern times
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the floor of the mouth or the gum, or in which there is more or less abnormal
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" Although aU the symptoms, the presence of the displaced lenSi

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